Litigation Consulting

We provide litigation expert services, including valuation and damages analyses, leveraging our expertise in IP and startup valuation in matters where intellectual property is a key asset in a legal dispute.

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Intellectual Property

  • Valuation of IP Assets in Shareholders’ Disputes
  • IP Milestone Disputes in M&A Transactions
  • Patent Infringement
  • Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Copyright Infringement

Other Litigation

  • Marital Dissolution
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Termination of Service Agreements
  • Business Interruptions and Funding Impact
  • Equity valuations in Shareholder/Founder Disputes
  • Arbitration Support
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings



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Litigation Consulting Case Studies


Valuation of IP Assets, Family Court

Retained to identify and value IP assets (patent portfolios, trade secrets, software platforms, developed technology) related to a series of startups included in community property assets involved in a divorce matter. After careful consideration of several companies, the valuation efforts focused on the IP assets of companies operating in the fields of medical devices, cancer diagnostics, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Business Valuation of Software Startup, Arbitration Proceedings

Retained as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) valuation expert to value Client’s ownership share in a SaaS startup, in an arbitration related to a divorce matter. The valuation focused on an analysis of the company’s execution of the SaaS business model and incorporated operational and financial metrics unique to SaaS companies.


Damages Related to Breach of Contract, State and Federal Court

Retained as the damages expert in a dispute related to a failed component supplied by a global industrial manufacturer to our Client, a startup making a point of sale electronic device. The analysis focused on damages suffered by our Client, including the impact such a failure had on its growth trajectory, funding and valuation.


Assessment of Medical Device Milestone Dispute, State Court

Retained on behalf of a global biotech company to offer expert opinions related to the interpretation of post-acquisition milestones resulting from a merger agreement involving an acquisition by one of our Client’s subsidiaries. The milestones relate to the issuance of certain patent claims and our analysis focused on the prevalence and
significance of using IP milestones in biotech deals.


Review of Plan of Reorganization, Bankruptcy Proceedings

Retained on behalf of Creditors to conduct a feasibility review of the Plan of Reorganization filed in bankruptcy Court by Debtor, developer of ground-to-air broadband communications solutions. The Plan focused on the use of proceeds from IP monetization to satisfy the debt.


Damages Related to Breach of Contract, State Court

Retained as the damages expert to calculate the damages that resulted from the rescission of an agreement for the transfer and commercialization of IP (patents and related trade secrets), in the field of Pulmonary Disease treatment and related medical devices.