Startup Advisory

We help entrepreneurs create a strategic roadmap for their new ventures, develop financial and operating models, plan for effective funding, and build an IP portfolio that supports their valuation and growth.

Foresight is based at the heart of Silicon Valley, the global epicenter of entrepreneurship and investor activity. Our team has leveraged their own experience as startup entrepreneurs to assist startup founders in positioning their startups for funding.

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Business Modeling

Selecting the right business model is one of the most critical steps in the formation of a sustainable, fundable venture. Bringing together a wide range of industry expertise and state of the art business tools, we help startups create a roadmap for their venture.

Financial Modeling and Valuation

We develop robust financial models for startups based on our proprietary CURVE TM modeling approach. We leverage unit economics, people metrics and industry benchmarks to create a set of five-year financial projections, valuation trajectory and funding roadmap.

Stress Test Service

We test the existing financial models of startups against industry benchmarks used by investors to gauge the feasibility and reliability of the model. The Stress Test identifies the key areas for improvement in each model and offers suggested improvements based on industry-specific metrics.

Leveraging IP for Funding

We create models that illustrate the value of a startup’s IP that can be leveraged in fundraising efforts by selecting the appropriate monetization opportunities, both within the startups’ business model as well as outside opportunities through licensing.

Startup Advisory Case Studies


IP Valuation for Fundraising, Data Center & Predictive Analytics Startup

Valuation of a portfolio of patents and developed software relating to data center technology and predictive analytic software to improve data center management. The valuation was conducted in conjunction with the issuance of a convertible note that the company was using to fund the development of a proof-of-concept data center. Foresight’s valuation opinion enabled our Client to leverage the value of their IP Assets as collateral against the note.


Financial Modeling, Consumer Insights SaaS Startup

Constructed a financial model for a consumer insights SaaS business in preparation for Series A funding. The model included a full SaaS metrics dashboard, containing user economics, people metrics and other KPIs over a 5-year projection period. A scenario analysis was performed to help the founder understand the various valuation and equity dilution possibilities under different growth trajectories. The financial model was presented to high profile Silicon Valley investors, and was ultimately a key factor in the closing of a financing round.


Financial Model Stress Test, Corporate Venture Fund

Assisted the corporate venture arm of a global athletic apparel company in making an investment decision in a potential software startup. Performed Stress Test on financial model provided by the startup, using industry-specific benchmarks, and highlighted several shortcomings in the company’s projections, including the underestimation of expenses and headcount required to achieve projected level of growth. Provided Client with insights on flaws in the financial model and how they could be corrected.

fibrtec testi_quote_openIn short I talked to three somewhat similar services and you guys are by far the closest to my liking and also much more in tune with both the funding needs of a start-up and the realistic projections required to not only build a strong and achievable business model but also present a story that makes sense to external professional investors.testi_quote_closeFounder, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Startup