Market Assessment

We provide a range of market assessment services, utilizing advanced economic and analytical frameworks, to measure the size of the addressable global markets for new products and technologies, and to quantify the Return on Investment (ROI) for IP holders.

Addressable Market Prioritization

For IP assets with broad applications, we assist companies with the identification and prioritization of addressable markets for monetization, based on a proprietary framework of objective market and intangible criteria that are tailored to the business model and goals of the IP asset holder.

Potential Value of Addressable Market (PVAM Analysis)

Our proprietary PVAM analysis offers a transparent and quantitative methodology for measuring the Total Addressable Market for intellectual property and emerging technologies, and the total potential value to be realized in the introduction of the technology in the marketplace. This analysis has been successfully utilized in fundraising when explaining value to investors, as well as internally for technology development decisions.

Return on Investment (ROI)

We calculate the return on investment (ROI) associated with adopting new technology solutions. The analysis is broken down in 2 components: 1) Total Cost of Ownership (TOC), and 2) Revenue Uplift Potential. The analysis provides a full-picture on the required investment and total benefits of implementation and adoption.

Market Assessment Case Studies


PVAM Analysis for Predictive Analytics (AI) Driver Monitoring Technology

Retained by a European leading provider of driver monitoring system, comprised of a hardware and software predictive analytics platform deployed by public transportation authorities to reduce accidents caused by human error and health conditions. The company had over 20 years of experience, including a large database collected through deployments in its local market, and was seeking to leverage its intellectual property for funding for international expansion. Foresight’s PVAM analysis was performed in order to support funding activities by quantifying the size of the addressable global markets for the technology, by region and by mode of transportation. Our analysis has uncovered a $24 billion global market potential for the technology and has also segmented the world markets in a way that was informative for our client in planning their expansion.


Addressable Market Selection and Valuation for RFID Patent Portfolio

Engaged by Private Equity investors to evaluate the IP position of one of its portfolio companies, with a significant patent portfolio related to RFID asset tracking technology. The company was looking to initiate a licensing campaign and license its patents across several industries. Our Addressable Market Prioritization analysis was conducted to identify, prioritize and value the top addressable markets for licensing. We implemented Foresight’s proprietary decision criteria model, sorting through 16 potential markets and prioritizing them by indicators related to the economic and IP characteristics of each market. The licensing potential in each of the top markets was then calculated, based on the licensing potential and the specific players in each market, using risk-adjusted royalty models and market size information obtained through Foresight’s comprehensive research.


ROI Study for a Global Provider of Data Center Infrastructure

Foresight was engaged by a leading global provider of data center infrastructure, to show the impact that adopting a new line of data center edge products would have on the company’s telecom service provider customers. We use advanced cost models to quantify potential total cost of ownership (TCO) savings, including all aspects of capital expenses (CapEx) and operating expenses (OpEx) associated with implementing the new solution. We also measured the effect of additional revenues to be generated throughout the value chain (Revenue Uplift) by each customer. The TCO and Revenue Uplift analyses were then aggregated to show the return on investment (ROI) associated with adopting the new technology solutions. Our analysis was used to create collateral materials in the marketing campaign and public announcements related to launching the new line of products.

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