Strategic Consulting

Digital IntangiblesTM

We advise senior management on the alignment of their IP portfolios with their business strategy and on the effective monetization of their intangible assets.

Having a clear strategy in place to manage IP determines how effectively an organization can capitalize on its knowledge, its technology and the differentiating factors that underlie its business plan.

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Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Stanford Venture Studio

Monetization Strategy

We guide companies on leveraging their existing IP assets to optimize the return on their portfolio. The analysis includes quantifying and prioritizing various monetization options and strategies including: licensing, enforcement, asset sales, spin-offs, etc.


IP Strategy in Emerging Technologies

We advise corporations across the innovation cycle on best practices for IP strategy and result driven implementation. We focus on emerging technologies and the specific challenges and opportunities they present.


Corporate IP Strategy and Monetization Training

We provide customized corporate training to business leaders, equipping them with the tools and frameworks to successfully manage their company’s IP assets. Our interactive training sessions are designed using a combination of case studies, analysis of current events and group discussion.

carr_ferrel testi_quote_openCarr & Ferrell LLP highly values our relationship with Foresight Valuation Group. Their understanding of a strong IP portfolio allows them to create unique, game-changing views and solutions to maximize IP values. We have collaborated on a number of clients and emerging companies, and without a doubt, their exceptional knowledge and ability solidifies them as IP strategy experts.testi_quote_closeJohn Ferrell, Carr & Ferrell LLP

Strategic Consulting Case Studies


Corporate Innovation Training, Senior Leadership, Japanese Automotive Company

Provided corporate training to a group of European executives from one of the leading automotive companies in Japan. The group was interested in learning about Open Innovation and technology transfer best practices, based on the experience of Stanford University. Foresight created a customized half-day workshop, with curriculum based on case studies and takeaway materials, according to the group’s interests and industry focus. Feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive, as the executives found the content “interesting and memorable”.


IP Monetization Strategy, RFID Patent Portfolio, Private Equity Investors

Engaged by Private Equity investors to evaluate the IP position of one of its portfolio companies, with a significant patent portfolio related to RFID asset tracking technology. The company was looking to initiate a licensing campaign, and license its patents across several industries. Our Addressable Market Prioritization analysis was conducted to identify, prioritize and value the top addressable markets for licensing. We implemented Foresight’s proprietary decision criteria model, sorting through 16 potential markets and prioritizing them by indicators related to the economic and IP characteristics of each market. The licensing potential in each of the top markets was then calculated, based on the licensing potential and the specific players in each market, using risk-adjusted royalty models and market size information obtained through Foresight’s comprehensive research.


IP Strategy for Emerging Technologies, 3D Printing Startup

Advised a 3D printing startup on the business and revenue model to pursue as the company was planning to bring a novel, patented 3D printing technology to market. The technology offered faster and higher resolution printing capabilities and involved the creation of a new printer. The analysis included mapping the industry IP landscape to understand the company’s positioning, creating a manufacturing business model to better understand the funding needs, and analyzing alternative business models for the company’s ancillary businesses (resins, printing services, etc.). The company used Foresight’s analysis and recommendations in their presentations to investors and potential partners.