Drive innovation through smart management of intellectual property.


Implement vision and exceed goals in today’s competitive markets.


Rely on expert advisory based on state of the art methodologies and data driven analysis.


Leverage Silicon Valley insights and approaches to connect technologies and markets across the world.

At Foresight Valuation Group

“We work with our clients to develop an active and informed approach to managing their intangible assets, from valuing their intellectual property (IP) portfolio to planning effectively for commercialization and growth.”

In today’s competitive marketplace, smart companies – from Fortune 500 firms to early stage startups – rely on innovation to keep them one step ahead of the game. They need to effectively leverage the knowledge, technologies, trade secrets, patents, trademarks, and copyrights that are critical to their success.

Foresight takes a highly focused approach to extracting value from innovation. Our principals and affiliates have been involved in analyzing and commercializing cutting edge innovation for some of the world’s most prominent technology companies. As IP experts based in Silicon Valley, we help organizations across a range of industries manage and grow their IP as a strategic business asset.

Intellectual Asset Management Consulting

Foresight Valuation Group provides a full suite of services designed to help our clients improve their results through valuing, strategically managing, and monetizing their intangible assets.

Valuation Analysis

We offer a full range of intellectual property and business valuation services— ranging from financial & tax reporting compliance to situations related to IP transactions, technology licensing, and R&D planning.

Economic Studies

We provide advanced economic studies utilizing return on investment (ROI) and customer utility metrics to quantify the impact of new products and technologies on global markets.


Litigation Damages

We provide customized damages opinions and litigation support services through our network of experienced damages and technical experts, on matters related to commercial intellectual property disputes.

Strategic Consulting

We advise senior management on the alignment of their IP portfolios with their business strategy and on the effective monetization of their intangible assets.


Startup Advisory

We help new ventures create a strategic roadmap for their business, develop their financial modeling, and support their IP strategy.

Just when it seemed as though start-up valuations had peaked in 2013, the year 2014 has started with an opening shot in the form of the reported US$3.2 billion acquisition of Nest Labs by Google. It now looks as if this year will bring about perfect-storm conditions, which will sustain the high-valuation trend. But are we in the midst of a 'valuation bubble'?

Efrat Kasznik - "Living In A Bubble: Valuation Trends to Watch In 2014" IAM Magazine, February 5, 2014

What Clients Say About Foresight

Over the past 20 years, our partners and affiliates have assisted clients across a wide array of industries, in the US and internationally.

From the definition of the scope, to the delivery of the final report, Foresight consistently provided outstanding service on a timely basis that culminated in a highly valuable robust asset. There is no hesitation in our assessment that you have added immense value to our stockholders which should equally serve well as a set of lenses to our future investors.

Penelope Salmons, President, Fibrtec

I worked with Foresight on a business modeling project to help service providers increase revenue through a combination of delivering network cloud services and video on demand. The Foresight team provided thorough analysis, data research, and modeling that contributed to new insight and potential business opportunities for operators. Foresight delivered high quality work and it a pleasure to work with them.

VP Marketing, Forture 500 Company

Carr & Ferrell LLP highly values our relationship with the Foresight Valuation Group. Their understanding of a strong IP portfolio allows them to create unique, game-changing views and solutions to maximize IP values. We have collaborated on a number of clients and emerging companies, and without a doubt, their exceptional knowledge and ability solidifies them as IP strategy experts.

John Ferrell, Partner, Carr & Ferrell LLP

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) is so very appreciative of all the work that you have done to support curriculum development, alumni engagement, and student programs. We sincerely thank you and look forward to continuing our work together.

Stanford Graduate School of Business, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Stanford Venture Studio

Efrat Kasznik and her team not only helped with providing expert valuations for our IP, her firm went the extra mile and was helpful in providing our us with important connections and great exposure for our company. Thanks to Foresight Valuation we won 2 out of 2 start-up contests in the Silicon Valley area including one where we placed #1 out of 175 start-up companies at an annual Vator Spash show in San Francisco.

Carrie Hafeman, CEO, FrontDoor Software

In The Media

Business Model Innovation: Why Building a Better Mousetrap is Not Enough

What do solar energy and personal communications have in common? While energy and communications seem unrelated industries, they have significant similarities if one considers the role of business model innovation as a precursor to success in bringing new intellectual property to market. Take, for example, two companies:

•SolarCity Corporation (Nasdaq: SCTY), a solar panel installation company, which is publicly traded with a market cap of over $7 billion;
•WhatsApp, the text messaging company which was purchased in February 2014 by Facebook for $19 billion.

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When Big Iron Meets Big Data: Unlocking Value Creation Opportunities in the Internet of Things – Industry Report

The physical world is becoming an information system, where connected objects and devices can both sense the environment and communicate data. The global enthusiasm surrounding the ecosystem known as the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) has positioned data as one of the most valuable intangible assets that a company can own and monetise. According to IDC, the worldwide market for IoT applications (intelligent and embedded systems, connectivity and security services, infrastructure services and platforms) reached $1.9 trillion last year and is expected to more than triple to $7.1 trillion by 2020. IDC expects the number of installed IoT units to grow at an annual rate of 18% to 28 billion units by 2020.

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Revisiting patent valuation: lessons learned from toilets, Singularity and the triple bottom line – Industry Report

The Singularity University in Silicon Valley has an ambitious mission when it comes to educating its international, diversified student base: the 10^9 challenge, which involves developing ideas that improve the lives of at least one billion ...

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Crowdfunding, the JOBS Act and the future of innovation funding – Industry Report

If you back a Kickstarter crowdfunding project by a company that ends up selling to Facebook for $2 billion, do you deserve to get a return on your campaign donation? This is the question raised by some of the backers of the September ...

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Financial Modeling and Valuations for Startups: Telling Your Story with Numbers

Financial Modeling and Valuation for Startups:

Telling your story with numbers, building a solid financial model and determining pre-money valuations for fundraising, are some of the most challenging activities for entrepreneurs.

Creating a set of realistic financial projections is critical to effectively communicating valuation expectations to investors and potential partners, while at the same time serving as an important tool to help articulate how you will prioritize spending and maximize the return on investment for an investor.

Based on her experiences as a valuation expert, CFO, start-up advisor and Stanford Lecturer, Efrat Kasznik will provide practical, hands-on tools on how you can :

• Build a robust business and financial model, based upon realistic expectations and sound assumptions

• Analyze different revenue models and cost structures associated with the formation of an emerging venture

• Implement best practices for structuring short and long term financial projections for your business plan and investor fundraising

• Understand the factors and models that determine startup valuations throughout the funding cycle, from seed funding to an exit event

• Successfully communicate your financial vision and understanding to investors

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