12 Jun’24

Lynn’s Picks: Foresight’s Patent of the Week – US Granted Patent 11,983,958 Systems and Methods for Automated Makeup Application

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As a husband, I have spent a lot of time waiting for the makeup process to be completed before my wife and I are able to attend a function, date or generally leave the house. When I came across this patent, I was surprised that I had not seen a similar technology previously because one of the important features of automation and robotics has always been about simplifying routine tasks. Gemma robotics, the Israeli startup and holder of this patent, has a slogan on their website which states:

“We’re making Gemma because we love wearing makeup more than we love applying it”

This slogan is, or should be, the goal of consumer-focused robotics and other automation technologies, to simplify and more efficiently handle daily tasks. Moreover, it sheds light on what we can expect to see over the coming years; small form factor devices such as robotic vacuums and makeup application robots, as opposed to full humanoid robots such as the Optimus Robot which Tesla claims will be able to perform useful tasks in their factory before the end of 2024.

What’s Inside Patent No. 11,983,958?

This patent introduces a novel approach to makeup application where the system is used to record a face map, skin tone, facial features and preferences of the user. The user is then able to select from a wide variety of looks that have been preconfigured into the system. The system allows the user to see a preview of the selected look prior to the final selection. Once confirmed, the robot then calculates the right formula to give the desired look, mixes the formula and sprays the mixture through an airbrush nozzle onto the user’s face. In order to accomplish this, significant steps have to be taken by the system to determine the amount of makeup to mix, the sequence of application, the distance from the nozzle to the user’s face and the amount of force needed to apply the makeup. I believe the technology may be a bit early as there are no examples found on the company’s website of the system in operation and the final result; however, this patent was selected to bring the conversation back to the reason why robotic systems will soon be ubiquitous within households.

What Comes Next?

Makeup is one task that a large percentage of the population do on a daily basis and these routine, time consuming tasks, are what inventors should focus on solving using the increased ability of robotic systems and artificial intelligence. It is easy to get lost in the large format, life-like robots that you see at CES or in the news, but these systems are unlikely to achieve traction in the near future, whether that is due to cost or limitations on what these systems can perform. For consumers, the growth of robotic and AI technologies in the home should open up time for doing the things we want to do with our time. We already have examples of robotic vacuum cleaners that have since been expanded to robotic lawn mowers. However, the vast majority of homes do not have an operating robotic system to assist with daily tasks and that opens up a wide market for inventors to create relatively inexpensive systems to address a wide range of tasks that provide a significant return on investment with the most valuable assets we have, time. Over the next few weeks, this blog will feature new robotic and AI systems that address the consumer market’s need for help in these everyday tasks.

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