28 Aug’19

Trade Secret Damages Expert Blog: Flexible Approach Gone Wrong

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This is the third blog in our series on trade secrets and the methodologies utilized in calculating trade secret misappropriation damages. In the previous blog, we discussed the Wellogix, Inc. v. Accenture, L.L.P. case where the flexible approach to trade secret damages calculations was utilized by the expert to determine compensatory damages based on the […]

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18 Jul’19

CPA Global: IP in IPO Webinar: Q&A Answers

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In our recent webinar: “IP in IPO: IP Valuation Lessons from Recent public Exits”, hosted by CPA Global, we discussed the role that IP plays in startup valuations, and the types of IP assets that were created by startups who recently went public. This webinar features a study we have been conducting and updating since […]

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27 Jun’19

Foresight Startup Q&A Blog Series: Valuing Early-Stage Startups

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Each week, the Foresight team spends time answering our startup clients’ most pressing questions regarding Financial Modeling, IP Strategy, Valuation, and more. We’ve decided to share some of these important insights in our Startup Q&A Blog Series. The second installment deals with valuing an early-stage startup when dealing with seed investors. Question: How Do I […]

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Forersight Newsletter: July 2020

This month we feature our webinar on brand valuation, blog on the supreme court decision in the trrademark case of, as well as a preview of an upcoming webinar on IP and startup valuation in times of crisis.

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