15 Oct’18

From Santa Claus to Kaepernick: The Role of Brand Association in Building Iconic Brands

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One recent example of emotional branding by taking a stance is Nike’s “Dream Crazy” ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. This campaign received enormous press coverage and viewership outside of just its paid placements (the YouTube video of the ad has over 26 million views on the company’s page as of this writing). Over the years, Nike has masterfully constructed an emotional brand that is often associated with overcoming adversity and celebrating one’s abilities. The company’s slogan of “Just do it” carries a certain emotional weight as a call to action for anyone doubting themselves. With the recent Kaepernick ad, the company is clearly trying to  appeal to the emotions of pride and passion by showcasing a variety of athletes overcoming hardship in the form of cultural, physical and societal barriers to achieve greatness in and out of their sports.

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